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Windscribe Limited
October 21st, 2020
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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Windscribe VPN Download is a desktop and web-based application that enables users to secure their privacy online. It works seamlessly with all of your devices and can block all types of ads and trackers. It’s also free to use!

Windscribe VPN Download is a free service that gives users complete control over their privacy, allowing them to browse the web anonymously. Its encryption and privacy features prevent anyone from accessing all of your data. You can also get unlimited storage for $10/month.

Windscribe is an easy-to-use and secure VPN client that gives you complete control over your privacy. It allows you to easily access blocked content and share files securely. Its built-in Firewall prevents all Internet traffic outside the VPN tunnel.

Windscribe VPN Download is a symbiosis of a VPN and an ad-blocker for Windows. It provides secure traffic and allows users to block web resources, regardless of their region restrictions. It also prevents the transfer of promotional data and displays ads in browsers.

Windscribe is a great tool to protect your privacy online and secure Wi-Fi. Its free to use and unlimited data plan gives you up to 10GB of bandwidth per month. It works seamlessly across various devices and browsers.

Windscribe is a great tool that enables users to browse the Internet anonymously without any restrictions. If you are in a country where censorship is prevalent, this tool is the best choice to allow you to do so.

Windscribe is a powerful tool that enables you to hide your IP address and prevent anyone from accessing it. It also includes a built-in firewall that prevents unauthorized access to your private information. Its free version comes with 2 GB of data per month.

Windscribe is a tool that will help you protect your privacy online, and it will work seamlessly in any situation. Its reliability and ease of use make it the most trusted choice among users. Another reason why people use this tool is that it allows them to torrent.

How to Install Windscribe VPN on Windows PC

  1. After Downloading Completed, Extract the Zip file on Your PC.
  2. Open the File, and Double click the Setup file.
  3. Now you can see the Installation Application on your Screen.
  4. Follow all the instranstion.
  5. After Installation process is completed, Restart your Computer.
  6. Now Open the Windscribe VPN Application on your Desktop screen.

How to Download Windscribe VPN For Your Windows PC

  1. First you need to check your Computer Compatible with Windscribe VPN System Requirement.
  2. If It’s Compatible Click the Download button.
  3. Now automatically Redirect the Download page, Wait the 10 Second to load the download file.
  4. Then Click the “Download Now” Button. 
  5. Select the location to save the Setup file.
  6. Now Start Downloading. 

Features of Windscribe VPN Download

Web Surfing History Or Other Personal Information

Windscribe VPN Download doesn’t keep logs of user activity. Instead, they only store the amount of data that they consume and that’s related to their users’ transactions. This means that they won’t keep any records about your web surfing history or other personal information.

Need For Firewalls

The VPN for Windows is an ideal tool for people who want to experience the freedom of the Internet without the restrictions that come with it. Its strong encryption allows them to browse anonymously and without the need for firewalls.

Located In Different Countries

You can choose the server location where you want to connect to, as well as the best option, which one Windscribe will choose for you. This tool comes with a variety of servers that are located in different countries.

Video Streaming Platform 

It can also connect to Netflix through its built-in connection block, which means that users can easily access the video streaming platform without any issue. Another feature that this tool has is its ability to prevent the unauthorized use of your data.

Stealing Sensitive Information

Javascript can be blocked through the firewall app. It prevents hackers from stealing sensitive information by forcing you to install scripts when you visit a website. Another feature that makes Windscribe stand out is their unique feature called “Split Personality”.

How to Uninstall Windscribe VPN on Windows PC

  1. If you need to uninstall Windscribe VPN, Go to the Control Panel on your PC.
  2. Open the Programs and Features file.
  3. Now You can see the List of the Application on your PC. Find the Windscribe VPN Application and Right click, Then Click the Uninstall Button.
  4. Finally it’s Permanently Uninstalled on your Windows PC.

Disclaimer of Windscribe VPN Download

Windscribe VPN is Developed by Windscribe Limited. So All the Registered company names, trademarks, product names, and logos property of thor respective owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get 10 GB free Windscribe?

When creating a Windscribe account, it will give you 2GB of bandwidth each month. After you confirm your email address, it will automatically upgrade to 10GB per month.

Is Windscribe safe for PC?

Windscribe is a secure and reliable VPN that can keep your data safe. It features a variety of encryption protocols and is designed to keep your data secure.

Can I use Windscribe without an account?

In order to keep our privacy and anonymity, we’re giving you the ability to create a Windscribe account without an email address.

How many GB is Windscribe?

Windscribe is a free app. If you are a light user, you can get 10 GB of data per month for free. If you need more data, we charge $9/month.

Does Windscribe steal your data?

Due to the nature of its operation, Windscribe has faced a few issues regarding its privacy policy, but it has been proven that it does not store or collect any information about its users.

Does Windscribe VPN sell your data?

This is a bit of a pain in the ass, as it states that Windscribe would not provide any data to anyone who wants to use our service. It’s backed up by a transparency report.

Is NordVPN better than Windscribe?

In terms of streaming, NordVPN is better than Windscribe. For one thing, it has more servers globally, which makes it easier to find nearby servers.

Is Hotspot Shield completely free?

Although it’s one of the most popular VPN services out there, Hotspot Shield’s Basic subscription only gives you one simultaneous connection and 500MB of bandwidth per day.

How do I get Windscribe VPN for free?

Windscribe is a free app that lets users access servers in over 10 countries. It has a limit of 10GB/month.

Why is my Windscribe not connecting?

If the connection is blocked, try connecting to another network or trying to connect to a different WiFi network. After creating a new connection, the extension will connect to the network.