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Antibody Software
January 25th, 2021
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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When you browse a web page or a document, the program that’s being used must be the foreground window. This is where WizMouse comes in. It allows you to select the mouse wheel by hovering over the window.

Some apps that are not supported by the mouse wheel often get ignored by the developers, which is why the majority of them don’t support the wheel. Fortunately, there is a solution that will allow you to get the most out of your mouse without the annoyance of clicking on it.

WhizMouse is a utility that allows you to use the mouse wheel when you cannot use it otherwise. It does so by hovering over another window and allowing the program to run without requiring clicking.

With WizMouse, you can scroll the contents of any window without clicking on that particular window first. It also allows you to select a different window that doesn’t support the mouse wheel.

With WizMouse, you can also use the mouse wheel on non-active windows. It will send commands to the window instead of the one currently focused. It can also reverse the wheel’s direction.

Without WizMouse, you would place your mouse over the browser window and start scrolling, but nothing happens after that. Even though the browser is not selected, clicking over the window still works. The program is very lightweight and can be installed on most major platforms, including Windows XP and Windows 7.

WizMouse is a utility that makes the mouse wheel work seamlessly on the window that’s currently under the mouse pointer. This method is very comfortable and practical, as it eliminates the need to press the window to get to the next page.

How to Install WizMouse on Windows PC

  1. After Downloading Completed, Extract the Zip file on Your PC.
  2. Open the File, and Double click the Setup file.
  3. Now you can see the Installation Application on your Screen.
  4. Follow all the instranstion.
  5. After Installation process is completed, Restart your Computer.
  6. Now Open the WizMouse Application on your Desktop screen.

How to Download WizMouse For Your Windows PC

  1. First you need to check your Computer Compatible with WizMouse System Requirement.
  2. If It’s Compatible Click the Download button.
  3. Now automatically Redirect the Download page, Wait the 10 Second to load the download file.
  4. Then Click the “Download Now” Button. 
  5. Select the location to save the Setup file.
  6. Now Start Downloading. 

Features of WizMouse

Few Additional Tools 

The main feature of WizMouse is its ability to help users use their mouse wheel on inactive apps and windows. It can also help when the app that you’re working with suddenly becomes inactive. However, there are a few additional tools that will help you get the most from your mouse.

Either Enable Or Disable The Program

The program comes with a tray icon that you can access from your System’s configuration window. You can either enable or disable the program by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner. Also, make sure that the mouse wheel is enabled for applications that support it.

Either Enable Or Disable The Program

This app is designed to allow your mouse to behave in a more productive manner by eliminating the need for clicking the title bar to activate a window. It also offers a neat feature that allows you to easily enable and disable the wheel via the systray icon.

Modify The Program’s Settings

Once installed, the program comes with a Windows System Tray icon that lets you modify the program’s settings. It also automatically brings a scrolling window to the foreground, so that you can use it without having to turn on the mouse wheel.

Currently Focused Window

By default, Windows sends the mouse wheel commands to the address bar of the currently focused window. With WizMouse, however, it will send the commands to the appropriate window, which is exactly what the program does.

How to Uninstall WizMouse on Windows PC

  1. If you need to uninstall WizMouse, Go to the Control Panel on your PC.
  2. Open the Programs and Features file.
  3. Now You can see the List of the Application on your PC. Find the WizMouse Application and Right click, Then Click the Uninstall Button.
  4. Finally it’s Permanently Uninstalled on your Windows PC.

Disclaimer of WizMouse

WizMouse is Developed by Antibody Software. So All the Registered company names, trademarks, product names, and logos property of thor respective owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WizMouse?

This utility will allow you to hover over an active window and then select the mouse wheel to keep it active.

How do I auto scroll in Windows 10?

Type Mouse & Touchpad to open the Activities panel.

How do I know if my mouse buttons are working?

To check if the buttons on your mouse are blinking, point your mouse at the illustration and then spin the mouse wheel up and down.

How do I use WizFile?

This app will search for all files that match the search text. It will also monitor your hard drives for changes.

How do I turn on auto scroll?

To use this tool, just press the + key and drag the mouse in the direction you want to go to the page. It will then start scrolling automatically.

How do I scroll down on Google Chrome?

Scroll is a button that you can select to scroll a page. It will let you know when it’s done and will also allow you to select other tabs.

How do you scroll with Kensington Orbit trackball?

The Scroll Ring encircles the trackball, letting you rotate it using your thumb and finger. This allows you to do so while still in contact with the ball.

Why is my mouse double clicking?

The most common cause of double-click issues is when the mouse speed setting is set too low. When clicking two different times, clicking will be interpreted as a double-click.

What is button 4 on a mouse?

Side or thumb buttons are typically attached to the side of a mouse. They can be used with thumb movement to control various actions.

What is WizFile?

WizFile is a powerful tool that lets you search for and find all files on your hard drive. It does so by displaying the most up-to-date information on all of the files in your system.

Why does my touchpad not scroll?

If your touchpad doesn’t respond to a scrolling gesture, try disabling the two-finger scrolling feature.

How do I turn on auto scroll without a mouse?

Without a mouse, you would have to use various keyboard shortcuts to get done. These options would not be automatic or smooth, and would sometimes require step by step navigation.

What is auto scrolling?

To scroll beyond the edge of the current screen or window. This feature works by dragging the mouse pointer over the edge of the screen.